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Our intention is to explore aspects of leadership publicly, to explore the "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" of what it means to be a leader in terms of impact. Through lively discussion, news reviews, book reviews,  and interviews, we intend to flesh out aspects of leadership that make a difference to our audience. 

Life-Long Learning

For many of us as sole-proprietors and or entrepreneurs, we understand that we cannot continue to grow as a business, let alone personally, without an ethic of continuous learning. We believe learning is life long, that knowledge truly is an "irrevocable franchise" and we see self-knowledge as the foundation of all learning.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking, like the martial arts, is a practice, rather than a point of arrival.

Employing critical thinking is a discipline that requires our understanding of what it means to be human, that we essentially live in our minds, that we must make distinctions between thoughts vs. emotions and that all of this is a process. 

the partnership

We founded Into The Gap Media from coaching conversations between us; Executive Coach Mike Shereck and entrepreneur-architect Bob Pontarelli in the spring of 2019. 

The name of our company comes from the "Mind the Gap" sign in the London subway, which refers to the space between the platform, where one stands, and the train, where one then moves. We see the "gap" as the space of inquiry as well as a pause for self-reflection that allows for clarity around where we're headed in life.

What we discovered is that there is an opportunity to share aspects of human development publicly, in the service of interceding in what we also see as a looming cultural conflict that threatens to further constrain human growth and potential-if not destroy Western Civilization altogether. As such, we decided to go public in an effort to openly discuss what it means to go from "cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty" first about our own selves, then into the world around us. 

We believe that men and women are best able to deal with such rapid change in this world, when they are united as partners, rather than competitors. 

Mike Shereck


Mike Shereck has been participating in the moment, fully present in life, for his whole life and is pretty much always all-in, all-the-time, from education, to business, to training, coaching, and personal-development. For Mike, this show is an opportunity to impact generations of men, in the art of living masterfully, where mastery is having a "greater command of reality" (from Robert Greene). 

Bob Pontarelli


Coming first from a love of the arts and nature, Bob is passionate about life-long personal growth, from formal education to personal development training and the martial arts, this radio show is a culmination of a life-long yearning to make a difference for others in a deeper, more meaningful way-a way perhaps unrealized,  until now?


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